There is a way to rename the default instance name using the application file;

c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\Binn\VSShell\Common7\IDE\ASInstanceRename.exe

I happened to encounter this error when trying to install SQL Analysis 2000 with existing SQL 2005 already installed but was not able to due to the instance naming conflicts. If you know a better way to work around it, do leave a comment.


Are you constantly curious on your ranking in Google and Alexa? If yes, this tool may be of interest to you. It integrates well on Firefox and designated at the right corner which takes very little space. It feeds the live ranking from Google and Alexa on the sites you visit. This works great for SEO enthusiast and observer like me.

I had been having the abovementioned problem (couldn’t even connect to my AS server using Management Studio on my local machine). I installed SP1 and all post SP1 hotfixes. Even this didn’t seem to help the problem. What DID help it was to check the accounts under which the relevant services were running:

1) Ensure the “SQL Server Browser” service is running under the Local System account (I previously was using a NETWORK SERVICE account – which was probably my own fiddling fault.).

2) My “Sql Server Analysis Services (InstanceName)” Service is also running as Local System.

And then it worked. Hooray!.

Ever wonder how those fancy editor is created like the one used in the infamous WordPress or Blogspot when you write a new post? If yes, now you have the chance to have a view the concept behind, or even integrate it into your favourite web application with FCKeditor. It is being done using javascript language and can be implemented on almost every single web programming languages available outside. It is one of a great opensource controls I’ve encountered and hope there will be much more of such great software made available throughtout the virtual world.

There are also editors which were made specifically for certain language, like the FreeTextBox which was coded using ASP.NET (and it’s being used in the famous dotnetnuke CMS), or Rich Text Editor (RTE)which also on the same platform. If you have more, feel free to highlight it here to share with others and contributes toward the open source community…