In VS2003, in order to add a webcontrol onto a page, the page would need the directive referencing the control to be used. In VS2005, there is a “trick” to get this work by modifying the web.config file. Add this section:

    <add tagPrefix=”ss” namespace=”DateControls” />


Once you have this, you can go to any of your pages and reference the control like so:

<ss:MonthDropDownList ID=”Month” runat=”server” />


I was trying out the Visual Studio 2005 on VB projects and found out that the file listing does not has the APP_Code folder. I then searched around the net to find for the folder but seems like negative result found. The I tried to create a the folder manually but the window explorer crashed (the attempt failed with the folder left un-renamed!). Then, I try another method which by adding it thought the solution -> new folder -> App_code and it was a success! The folder was then created and added in the project files listing.